Superior Rooms

Looking for a little more space to unwind? Our spacious superior rooms offer spectacular views overlooking the lake and the Alps or the old town of Neuchâtel. And you’ll enjoy the view in style with the trendy interiors and extra comforts that these rooms offer.

Firstly, you should know that each of our rooms is an invitation to spend a luxurious stay at the Hotel Beaulac Neuchâtel. You can enjoy the unparalleled comfort of a Swiss luxury hotel. And at the same time, enjoy the lake view with comfort conditions that are excellent and will likely exceed your expectations.

The main mission of Hotel Beaulac is to provide you with the utmost care and to make your stay in Neuchâtel an exceptional one. With that goal in mind, we invite you to discover the full range of our services. Here, you’ll find comprehensive practical information regarding these rooms, including details on amenities, additional services, and our commitment to ensuring a memorable experience. Discover here all the information and offers included for these rooms, designed to cater to your every need and surpass your every expectation.

Pratical information regarding our Superior Rooms

Do you have any questions about our Superieure Rooms ?

In a second step, please be reassured. If you have any questions, we are here to help. Additionally, if you have a specific request, our team is ready to assist. Furthermore, for more information about your stay or Neuchâtel, do not hesitate to reach out. Also, regarding our luxury rooms, we encourage inquiries. For this, you can use the form on our website, email, or phone.

Moving on to our prestige rooms, they are designed to meet all your expectations. Moreover, these rooms invite you to a relaxing and timeless luxury stay. Each luxury room, crafted for optimal comfort, has its unique charm. Consequently, we encourage you to inquire about the differences. While browsing our site, you might have noticed our commitment to comfort and satisfaction. Above all, our goal is to make your stay an unforgettable experience.